The Xero Accounting software was created to introduce cloud online systems designed to replace PC based traditional accounting software programs. Some years ago, the company founders realised that most of the popular software programs would no longer meet the accounting needs of today’s fast-paced, international world. Xero is a cloud-based program, which gives users the ability to automatically upgrade their product anytime there’s a new version. This means that you’ll always be enjoying the most advanced features; you’ll never be paying for older, outdated accounting software that no longer meets your needs.

This is one of the nicest advantages of Xero, but there are many others. Since it’s a cloud-based program, there’s no software to install. Xero is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product; customers most often pay through a monthly subscription. Fees are based on the number of users, size and type of company and other variables.

macLarge and small companies can take advantage of its many features. As your business grows, you can easily scale your services to meet your needs. That means you’re never paying for services that you don’t really need. Many users love Xero because it handles all the neccesary tasks such as invoicing, debtor control, fixed asset depreciation, accounts payable, WIP tracking, budgeting, payroll, purchase orders and many more. Users can automatically import their credit card and bank statements for ease of reconciliation. The program also works well for figuring tax rates and preparing tax-related reports and documents.

Many third-party vendors have integrated Xero into their applications and it is now accessible from mobile devices as well as iPads and PCs. Customers can log into their accounts and get specific information from anywhere in the world. With so many business owners now traveling and/or working from home or other locations, Xero is the ideal solution. It can convert foreign currencies and provide a quick at-a-glance look at financials.

Businesses are now using Xero to create invoices for their clients while at their premises and this can help expedite payments and ensure the accuracy of invoices. Xero has received many awards and has been featured in reputable media such as Forbes. Users agree that it’s very user friendly and can take care of any accounting or bookkeeping task. Though it was first invented by New Zealand professionals, customers around the world have switched to Xero. Whether you need to track the time that a project takes, prepare taxes, do the payroll or create invoices and purchase orders, Xero can get the job done.

At Integral Bookkeeping Solutions, our staff are highly skilled at all aspects of the Xero software package. We believe it offers some clients an ideal level of accounting services at more affordable prices than other programs. With years of experience, IBS delivers on-time accounting and bookkeeping to a wide range of industries. From the medical field to retail, we provide quality bookkeeping for Adelaide and all of South Australia.

At Integral Business Solutions, we take pride in giving our customers excellent bookkeeping services that they can rely on. We’ve been in business serving Adelaide and all of South Australia for many years and know we have the expertise to deliver a wide range of professional bookkeeping services to all types of industries. We have extensive experience working with the top brands of accounting software. We can even come to your place of business for meetings so that you are not inconvenienced. We understand the nature of business in today’s competitive world and we partner with our clients to deliver the services they need at cost-effective rates.

We partner with our clients to help them maintain a firm financial foundation for optimal success.

If you’d like to learn more about Xero Accounting software or Integral Bookkeeping Solutions, please contact us. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation so that you can learn more about our company and the many services we provide.

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